The past year we have been hard at work getting YOU the lowest prices on the internet for all your PERFORMANCE needs. You will find that our prices are among the lowest found anywhere and we will continue to bring you the performance parts you need at the discounted prices you can afford.

If our price is not the the lowest... please contact us with a website link to who does have the lowest prices. If they are a legit retailer with a real store front we will do everything we can to get the same pricing and beat them if possible. We ask that you take their shipping charge into consideration though. Other sites may advertise a lower price but as soon as they add shipping they end up over our cost. In most cases thats where they get you. Here at AIR RAM PERFORMANCE the price you see in your CART is the price you pay with our FREE SHIPPING coast to coast.

We offer discounted shipping to CANADA, ALASKA & HAWAII.

EVERYONE WHO CAN READ THIS If your looking for a performance part and don't see it on our site, contact me with a brand name/part number/link to where you have found it for less and we will add it to the site. I don't care what you drive!

**PART NUMBER/BRAND/LINK** As we continue to grow we are always looking for your feedback. Without your input we can not bring you what you need. If you don't find a product on our site, or you found an item for less on another site... shoot me an e-mail with a **PART NUMBER/BRAND/LINK** to the site that has the lowest price on that item. I will do everything I can to beat that price... at least match it... at times this means finding new vendors that will give me a better price brake. But I need something I can use to haggle for a better price.

Thank you for your support, we look forward to doing business with you.