Shipping & Handling
(Florida residents, add 7.00% tax)

RENT for $25.00 for the first week minimum and $3.57 per additional day after the first week + Pay Pal fees & ALL SHIPPING EXPENSES..
Building a HIGH OUTPUT 4.7L ENGINE? If your boring your block out or even just honing your block for new pistons you should be using a torque plate to insure you get the best possible bore. Now you can Rent our Torque plate for less then it would cost to buy one.

We have the ONLY known 4.7L torque plate available for rent. We charge $25.00 a week + Pay Pal fees & ALL SHIPPING EXPENSES "BOTH WAYS" INSURED SHIPPING. (Approximately $25.00 each way)

Basically you buy it from us for $510.00, then after its returned passes our inspection we refund your payment back minus the $25.00 a week 3.57 per day + Pay Pal fees and Shipping cost "BOTH WAYS". ______________________________________________

What's a torque plate?
- A torque plate is a block of metal (steel or aluminum) that simulates the cylinder head torqued on to the block.

What are the benefits of using a torque plate?
- Honing cylinder bores with a torque plate better ensures the cylinder bore to be structurally true when the cylinder head is torqued on to the block. Without using a torque plate, the cylinder bore may not show signs of being out of round without the cylinder head torqued down. The problem with this is that with the cylinder head torqued down, the cylinder bores tend to warp, resulting in being out of round by a couple thousands or so. This may not seem much, but when the piston rings are trying to hold the combustion chamber's pressures, the piston rings are not able to conform to an out of round cylinder bore as well as it could if the cylinder bores were much closer to being true. The result is less blow-by and increased performance as well as increased life of your engine components.

Can I get by without the use of a torque plate?
- Yea, I guess. A lot of the small-town machine shops do not use a torque plate. Of course, none of those shops will ever set any records at any any race tracks.

Once we ship the Torque plate we will use the tracking number to determine when it has been received... Once you ship it we will use your tracking number to ditermin the last day. We don't have to have it in our hands... but you need to provide tracking that shows it as being shipped. That day will be considered the last day of rental.

After the 7th day in the customers possession the new week begins and will be charged a prorated price of 3.57 per day from that day forward which will be added to the total rental cost and deducted from the CORE CHARGE. In order to insure the plate is here for the next customer we need to have the policy we currently have to insure everyone RETURNS the PLATE ASAP.

We suggest that the customer talk with your machine shop and make sure they know and fully understand they only have a couple of days with the plate. PLEASE Make sure your machine shop understands, they need to take care of it or they/you could end up owning it. Once the torque plate is in the customers possession they OWN IT until we buy it back, so treat it as new and you will NOT have any issues... we do want it back and in the same shape it was shipped!

We want the customer to take EVERY precaution in taking care of the plate. The plate is shipped in a small WOODEN CRATE with 10x spacers. The wood crate will be in a cardboard box well padded. Please ship it back to us EXACTLY how it was received. This will insure there is no chance for damage in shipping.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


RENT for $25.00 for the first week minumum and $3.57 per additional day after the first week.