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(Florida residents, add 7.00% tax)

RENT for $15.00 per week & $2.14 each additional day + Pay Pal fees & ALL SHIPPING EXPENSES.
At Last! A tool that can change valve springs while the engine is in the vehicle....change valve springs in minutes, not hours. User Friendly. A must have tool. $199.00 Patent Pending.

Made from 6061 Aluminum Billet Fully CNC Hard Anodized for long life.

After years of renting these tools out, we at AIR RAM PERFORMANCE have identified and improved all the weak points on this tool. The HEMI Valve Spring compressor tool you get from us will be superior to the manufactures tool hands down! We have improved shaft's that are threaded all the way through the tool and then we use a lock nut to prevent the shaft from turning under load, preventing the shaft from splitting the aluminum tool. We have also replaced the thin nut which only had (4 threads)with a 1" long nut with 18 threads for increased surface area when compressing the springs. This prevents the thinner nut from eating the threads of the shaft as the load increases.

RENTAL PRICE is 15.00 a week + Pay Pal fees & ALL SHIPPING EXPENSES.

Once ordered we will ship the tool to you. The clock will start after you receive the tool per the tracking number. If you use the tool and return it within a week we will only charge you the 15.00 + Shipping cost to your location. We use the tracking number pick up date as the last day. Its 15.00 minimum first week then prorated each day for $2.14 each additional day after the first 7 days.

This is a cheap alternative to purchasing the tool... This tool is found NO PLACE and we are the only ones we know of who rent one out without the commitment to purchase.

PLEASE select your intention in the box below... If you plan to purchase the tool then please let us know so we can purchase a new one to replace it. If you just want to rent it then please make your intention known here. This way we can insure we have the tool ready for the next customer.

Customer is responsible for the tool while in their possession. We inspect each tool prior to shipping to insure we ship you a working tool. We don't want to deny a refund but will if tool is damaged. Prior to issuing the deposit refund we will inspect all tools. Damaged tools will be the responsibility of the customer and void any implied refund. Tool will be replaced with their deposit. If a tool is damaged and we deny the refund, the customer can request we return that tool to them but they are responsible for return shipping to their address.

Please Keep our tools in good shape for the next guy. We are only able to provide this affordable service to you because the customer before you took care of the tool.