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We have taken the Sullivan Performance Aluminum intake manifold & modified it to mount to the 1999-2014 Chrysler 4.7L engine using our CNC'ed intake adapters. This kit includes the Sullivan single plane intake manifold/ AIR RAM INTAKE ADAPTER PLATES & AIR RAM THROTTLE BODY PLENUM. This is practically a plug and play system. Just add your throttle body and your ready to go.

**In order to simplify ordering this set up we have decided to include everything needed to run this Sullivan intake on your 4.7L engine. This includes the Modified Sullivan intake, Intake adapter plates and throttle body plenum**

Finally an alternative to the factory PLASTIC intake manifold. Available for carburetor or fuel injected applications this intake is ideal for use in hi-performance 4.7L engines.

The easiest way to run this intake we This set up is literally a PLUG AN PLAY Intake manifold.

This intake was designed for an engine of equal CI to the 4.7L. With our Adapters it can be used on ALL 4.7L engines which are found in many JEEPS/DAKOTAS/DURANGOS/RAMS. Hood clearance may be an issue and in some cases you may need an aftermarket hood, add a scoop or trim a hole and let it all hang out!

The intake is designed for optimum use in the 2500 to 7500 RPM range. It features plenty of material for porting very high horsepower applications. These hi-flow intakes work well for forced induction applications.

The plenum dividers were designed to balance airflow into the runners for equal airflow to each runner. The intake is compatible with 1999-2007 SOHC 4.7L heads. The Sullivan intake can be used with any square bore carburetor or throttle body using the standard Holley 4150© Carburetor mount.

* Utilizes standard Holley© bolt pattern for the throttle body or carburetor.
* Fuel rail mounts are cast in to allow for Performance fuel rails.
* Large boss cast into the bottom of the plenum to allow for any vacuum configuration.
* Nitrous bosses cast into the bottom of each runner to allow for port nitrous systems.
* Available with or without injector holes drilled to enable the use of a carburetor.
* Generous amount of material to allow for port matching.

The Factory Coil packs do fit an mount without issue. So now its nearly a plug and play set up, but keep in mind there may be some minor obstacles you need to address to run this Sullivan intake.

The kit includes a modified Edelbrock 3847 LOW PROFILE ELBOW that has been Shortend 2" and have CNCed throttle body adapter welded to the end for a direct plug & play for your 4.7L. This will allow mounting your stock throttle body without interference with the Alternator.

NOTE: The 4.7L engine has the Fuel injectors located in the heads NOT the intake manifold, so the base intake will come without fuel injector hols. You do have the option to add fuel injector bosses to this intake which will allow you to run an additional fuel system or direct port NOS system or water injection. Keep in mind your FACTORY FUEL RAIL will require modification in order to fit with the spacers installed.

If you wish to make use of a ford fuel rail with the Sullivan intake that is an option, you will need to add the aftermarket fuel rails you should order the Sullivan intake "Fuel Injected version" that comes with Fuel injector holes pre-drilled in the Aluminum intake. This will also create a few options for fuel rails/delivery options. We are working on a 4.7L Fuel rail system.

The AIR RAM ADAPTERS are custom made to create intake options for the 4.7L engine. We did everything we could to make them a PLUG & PLAY modification. BUT at some point we hit the limit of PLUG & PLAY and some custom work on behalf of the customer may be required. Please make note of the KNOWN areas that need to be addressed.

Known modification that are needed:

1) With these spacers you will be required to do some modifications to your fuel rails in order to clear the spacers. This should not be too difficult to accomplish but it must be known that the factory fuel rail will NOT fit with out modification. We used Earls fittings and fuel line and just built a flexable cross over line, works great. We can modify your rails for you if needed.

We will post ANY information we learn to help make the conversion as painless as possible.

The 4.7L Spacer Kit will you the option of running a 4 barrel throttle body using the FAST Stand alone ignition control system.

Hood clearance may be an issue on DAKOTAS, we do know it will fit without issue on under the hood of the RAMS. So keep in mind there may be some clearence issues to deal with. We will list specifics as customers send us feedback.

2002-2007 Dodge Ram - FITS

2008-up Dodge Ram - Clears hood Working on throttle body mount option.